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Monthly Pick [March]

This unique shochu from Amami Oshima Kaiun Brewing Corp. is acoustically aged, where adding acoustic vibration of storage tanks promotes maturation and ripening. Played a symphony for three months, this shochu slowly ages to a mellow flavor and brewed by mainly women staff whose purpose is to create a brown sugar shochu that women want to drink. The result is a shochu with a sweet fragrant aroma and simple refreshing taste. READ MORE

Kuramoto of the Month

Okuchi Shuzo
(Kagoshima Prefecture)

“Kuramoto” means "brewery" and "distillery" in Japanese. The KURAMOTO picks up one brewery or distillery each month and unfolds its features.

Cocktail Recipe

Bitter Sweet Kawabe

The Kuma region in Kumamoto Prefecture is known for producing excellent rice shochu. The shochu production in the region started about 500 years ago, and the shochu from the region is recognized worldwide as Kuma Shochu, a brand named after its area that is designated by the World Trade Organization (like Scotch Whiskey and Cognac Brandy). Sengetsu Shuzo has produced Kuma Shochu for nearly 110 years, including its signature brand, Kawabe. It is a refined, clean taste rice shochu with a tiny bit of bitterness, which is hardly recognized, but actually this bitterness inspired Takahiro Okada of Sake Bar Shigure to create, Bitter Sweet Kawabe. Campari and tonic water are blended to enhance bitterness and natural sweetness from honey water embraces it. Elegant pink color heightens the romantic mood as well.